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Openspace Bae

South Korea / Busan
Established 2006

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Open Space Bae was founded in 2006 at the upper half of Mt. Ilgwang in Busan by local artists and activists. It was built to realize the possibility of an artistic space in nature, and it is a different point from art organizations based in a city. A nonprofit body, Bae is a private organization run by the donation of many artists, Arts council Korea, and Busan Cultural Foundation, which have the same vision.

This organization has an international residency program, “Open to You”; an education program for children, “Let’s Play with Art ”; an education program to help young artists who graduate from college adjust to reality, “Artist Incubation Program”; programs for public art, “Anchanggo Project” and “There Is an Alley in the 1 Beonji of Sanbok Road”; an exhibition program to shed light on young artists and those whose abilities have not been evaluated properly, “Are You Ready?”; a program that connects local with local, and local with the world, “Local to Local Program”; and a program to exchange with foreign art organizations, “Artist Exchange Program.” Based in Busan, it is actively forming a global network through these programs and projects.