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Ting Shuo Hear Say

Taiwan / Tainan
Established 2016

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Ting Shuo Hear Say was founded in 2016, run by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Nigel Brown. They have been making experimental music since 2003. They both have a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sound from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia in 2006. Alice has also completed a Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice from MIECAT, Melbourne, Australia in 2014.

Ting Shuo Hear Say is the only space in Taiwan that its main purpose is to promote sound art and experimental music. It engages with a diverse community through encouraging participation and encounters with contemporary listening and sound creation practices from around the world.
Since most of the resources and artists gather in northern Taiwan (in the metro area), Ting Shuo actively expands the southern sound making communities by hosting a variety of events for stimulation and inspirations.

"Ting Shuo has Performances series" is hosted regularly, by inviting artists from different cultural or creative backgrounds to collaborate and improvise together. Since 2016, the organization has already invited artists from countries including Hong Kong, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, United States, and Chile, etc.

Since 2020, Ting Shuo also launched an online music album, publishing its recorded music from Taiwanese collaborative groups. It will continue to publish various AIR works online or physically in the future.

Experienced artists from different backgrounds come to Tainan to provide numerous types of workshops and talks. Irregularly, they offer the opportunity for local people who are interested in sound and experimental music to learn from their abundant and skillful practices. Ting Shuo Hear Say is a two-way opening door to connect artists as well as to encourage the local communities to learn and study steadily.

Since the beginning of the establishment, Ting Shuo Hear Say grows and expands continuously. From promoting sound art education programs, connecting local communities, and working with different groups to have cross-culture and cross-disciplines collaborations. The studio aims to become a platform for residency now. The residency project, Ting Shuo Tainan AIR, will provide an experimental space for participatory art. The artists will have a more in-depth dialogue with Tainan communities.

In the first few years, the curatorial focus will be on:
.Sound and listening related art practices
.Experimental or cross-discipline research or work
.Process-orientated and participatory community project
.Practice involved with the environment, cultures, communities, space or sites in Tainan and its surroundings

The "Ting Shuo Tainan AIR" provides artist fee, free studio, and accommodation. There are piano, PA speakers, projector, desks, and chairs for use. The sound mixing studio is also available to use with assistance.

Meanwhile, Ting Shuo Tainan AIR is open for applications. Experimental artists, with one's own funding, can discuss with the Ting Shuo about their projects and submit residency proposals all year, and discover all kinds of possibilities of working in Tainan. The projects can be related to sound or other interdisciplinary experimental performance or contemporary arts. The work or research can be related to Tainan’s local culture, community, history, sites or environment. Ting Shuo’s space is also available for various projects to hire as rehearsal or collaborative space.