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Taipei Artist Village

Taiwan / Taipei
Established 2001

  • 台北國際藝術村
  • 寶Treasure Hill Artist Village Environment
  • TAV Beyond Picturesque Artists Exchange Group Exhibition
  • 台北國際藝TAV In search of the Path to Breathe Artists Exchange Group Exhibition
  • TAV Exhibition
  • THAV 2021 How much Venice Water Do You Carry In Your Legs, Still? And How Much Water Do You Feel In The Fields, Now? Sophie SCHMIDT Solo Exhibition
  • An Electronic Monster#21 Scan the Trace
Taipei Artist Village (TAV) was established on October 12th, 2001 at No.7, Beiping East Road (the original building of the Maintenance Office, Taipei City Government) by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government. The site was transformed into a work and living quarter for artist, with the intent of activating disused public spaces. Through Artist-in-Residence Taipei (AIR Taipei), domestic and international artists are able to interact with each other and the local communities, experiencing the urban charisma in Taipei as well as bridging ideas from various cultures. Such exchanges are attempts to fulfill social responsibilities of the arts, and are also practices to harvest a diverse, human-based cultural environment that welcomes fresh perspectives.

Located at the heart of Taipei City, TAV saw the rebuild of an old 4-story building into an artist residency site. Endorsing the idea of “space revitalization,” this art hub not only houses exhibition and performance spaces, but also contains “settlements” for the artists. Offices, multi-functional exhibition spaces, artist studios, dance studio, piano room, darkroom, and woodshop are all spaces on site that are open to resident artists from different disciplines. Open Studio events that are organized each year are open to the public, providing opportunities for the creatives to share their works and thoughts with the visitors, and vise versa.