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The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park

Japan / Koka
Established 1990

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Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (SCCP) which was established in 1990 is located on a hill with a view of downtown Shigaraki. Surrounded by mountains, the area is scenic with seasonal changes. The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park is one of the premier tourist spots in Shigaraki, where visitors appreciate ceramics and enjoy walking in nature.

The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park (SCCP) was built as a part of the people’s recreation land project. The SCCP is intended to support various activities around the theme of ceramics, including artistic creation, training, and exhibitions.

The aims of the SCCP include the promotion of local industry and the development of culture through human, materials, and informational exchanges, interfacing with the world. The SCCP is administered by the Foundation of Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park.

Who’s Been There

  • LI, CHENG–LIANG's Art Work
  • LI, CHENG–LIANG's Art Work Exhibition
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  • LI, CHENG–LIANG's Outdoor Art Work
  • LI, CHENG–LIANG's Outdoor Art Work Detail
LI, CHENG–LIANG, graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts with a master's degree in Media Art. In the early days, LI Cheng-Liang and his friends set up "Fuxinghen Studio," and they utilized a nonsensical approach to co-create the possibility of artistic creation. In 2013, he started working in Tainan with a great variety of creative media. In integrating handicraft into LI's works' visuals, he developed aesthetics that harmonized arts and crafts. His primary research focuses on three-dimensional modeling and the spatial environment, following life moments to provide annotations for living conditions.

Li's recent important solo exhibition includes Godzilla, King Kong, Frankenstein, Error22 , Tainan (2020), Star-gorilla, YOKOHAMA in BankART Station , Yokohama Japan, 2020, and group exhibitions include Once Upon a Time - 2019 Festival of Imagination, Chung Hsing Cultural And Creative Park, Yilan (2019), City Flip-Flop Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Taipei (2019).

Artist Statement:
I visited Shigaraki Cerami Cultural Park, located in Shiga Ken, Japan, to learn Japanese pottery. Trying with unfamiliar media and foreign culture, I connected to the themes that I was concerned about.

When I arrived in Japan, I was attracted by the roof tiles of animal face patterns in the street. In the old days, people believed that it could avoid evil spirits, but I recalled Godzilla. Its black appearance and it will suddenly emerge from the underground after absorbing energy and breathes fire make me think of the firing process of ceramic making. Consequently, I came out with my creation theme for the residency. I dissolved Godzilla into the head, body, palms, feet, tail, and egg. Adopting wood kiln firing techniques, I made them become living goods sculpture.

After two months, I exhibited my Godzilla series of work in Shigaraki Cerami Cultural Park. I displayed the artwork's practical function by adding readymade and plants into my pieces. For example, Godzilla's feet could function as a plate, and its head and upper body could be a flower pot. The plant inserted in the pot looked like growing from the body. Also, there was some carbon and dust left on the works. During the wood kiln firing process, it would naturally fall ash after burning wood. The effect was so unique and charming.

Shigaraki Cerami Cultural Park provided professional equipment and support. Moreover, Shigaraki is the place of clay production. Residency artists had the chance to go to the mine and discover the clay directly. They also had the opportunity to visit local ceramists to learn from them in person. I had a very unforgettable experience and opened up a new direction for future creation.