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Kyoto Art Center

Japan / Kyoto
Established 2000

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Kyoto Art Center (KAC) is located at the former Meirin Elementary School, Kyoto, which was closed in 1993. This school, which was established in 1869, is a historic building that was built with contributions from local citizens, and also has a high cultural value as an architectural structure.

In 1997, the council approved of using former Mierin Elementary School as the art center, In 2000, the construction completed and Kyoto Art Center (KAC) started operating.

KAC aims at supporting various artistic activities, providing information about arts, and promoting communication between the citizens and artists through arts.

KAC organize activities such as exhibitions, tea ceremonies, traditional stage performances, concerts, dance performances, and various kinds of workshops for training artists and other people related to art, hosting innovative projects for the conservation of traditional arts and creating new ones.

KAC also provides artists from home and abroad studio spaces for “artist in residence program”. Through such services and activities, the center is hoping to become the focal point of the city culture in the new era.