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Subhashok the Arts Centre (S.A.C.)

Thailand / Chiang Mai
Established 2012

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Subhashok The Arts Center (S.A.C.) is a private contemporary art space, founded in 2012 by Mr. Subhashok Angsuvarnsiri and managed by the Angsuvarnsiri family. Situated on Sukhumvit 39, in the heart of Bangkok with a total area of 2,100 sq.m. S.A.C. exhibits contemporary works of art by Thai and Asian artists in various forms and also organize art and cultural activities such as lectures, forums, workshops, and cultural exchanges and panel discussions. The main objective is to promote young and emerging Thai and South East Asian contemporary artists to the international audience, with the aim to bring Thai culture to the global stage as well as to contribute to the art scene in Thailand to be greater and more diverse.

In addition to the exhibition space in Bangkok, S.A.C. has also expanded the contribution to the arts scene in Thailand by establishing two art projects in Chiang Mai in November 2017. S.A.C. Art Lab is an exhibition space located in the heart of Chiang Mai which is geared towards experimented works as well as research pieces. The other project is S.A.C. Residency Program which is located in Mae Rim, just 11 km from Chiang Mai city centre. S.A.C. offers an opportunity and a base for artists who are willing to create their art in a different cultural and art surrounding to gain their experience from different cultures. S.A.C. wish to establish a relationship of trust, partnership and collaboration and sees the residency as a chance where, together with the artists, to find the best way to enable and carry out each project.

S.A.C. residency program has no age nor nationality limits for the applicants, however, the applicants must speak English and have at least 8 years of studio experiences. The selection process will take into consideration the originality and coherence of the project proposal as well as the applicant’s specific artistic inquiry, and the applicant’s willingness to participate in the S.A.C. community along with the realistic achievability of the project within the time frame and budget given.

The artists may wish to bring some works to finish in the residency. S.A.C. will arrange an exhibition for the artists during the residency period. Depending on the quality and quantity of the artwork, it will be either a group or solo exhibition. Exhibition date will be decided during the residency. The exhibition will be held by Subhashok, The Arts Centre in Bangkok, S.A.C. Art Lab in Chiang Mai or partner galleries.

For the past eight years, S.A.C. has arranged over 100 exhibitions and joined more than 20 international art fairs under the name of S.A.C. Gallery Bangkok, to promote Thai artists and their works. So far, S.A.C. has conducted 6 cycles of artists and curators-in-residence with a total of 17 residents, and Taiwanese artist Ho, Hoa participated in the 6th Cycle from November 2019 to January 2020.