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Sanskriti Foundation

India / New Delhi
Established 1979

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Established in 1978, Sanskriti Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in New Delhi, India. Sanskriti literally means the ‘process of cultivating’. Heritage is its fruit. The need to create, to discover, to imagine is universal and requires expression and therefore support.

The purpose of Sanskriti Foundation is to cultivate an environment for the preservation and development of the artistic and cultural expressions of India but of the world as a whole.

Sanskriti is dedicated to promoting, preserving and presenting the Indian traditional arts and culture through the programs like Sanakriti Awards and Fellowships, Artists-in-Residence programs, museum collections and educational programs.

There are three museums located within the Sanskriti cultural complex: the Museum of Indian Terracotta, Museum of Everyday Art and the Museum of Indian Textiles. Their vision is to build upon their collections and to transform the museums into a central resource hub for all research on the art & craft traditions of India in general, and particularly in the core areas of terracotta, textiles and everyday objects.