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The 2023 LMCC Arts Center Residency OPEN CALL

The 2023 LMCC Arts Center Residency OPEN CALL
Deadline 2022.12.13
Results Available Date Late February, 2023
Website The 2023 LMCC Arts Center Residency OPEN CALL Website
More About Residency Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
The Arts Center at Governors Island is home to year-round artist residency programs for artists working in any discipline. LMCC’s residency programs aim to meet the immediate studio space needs of the artist community we serve by converting unconventional, vacant spaces into work and process space for artists. With the Arts Center at Governors Island, LMCC established our first permanent location for artistic process, presentation and gathering. LMCC’s residency programs are a vital part of our commitment to ensuring artists have free, collaborative space for creative development and production in New York City today and long into our shared futures.

The 2023 Arts Center Residency will offer residencies to artists and creative practitioners, currently in need of studio space to support their practice, who are interested in a short-term residency experience focused on experimentation, ongoing development, and being in dialogue with fellow residents. LMCC welcomes applications from artists whose practice is self-directed and process-based and would benefit from the unique resource of the Arts Center at Governors Island serving as an incubator for research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Photo by David Sundberg/Esto.
Duration Session One: Monday, April 3 - Friday, July 28, 2023. Session Two: Monday, August 21 - Friday, December 15, 2023
Fields and Media Comic, Community Development, Craft, Cultural Heritage, Independent Curator, Literature, Movie and Pop Music, Museum, Other, Performance Art, Visual Art
Provided by Host Residency participants will be provided the following basic amenities: access to free, temporary, work space in LMCC’s Arts Center for 4 months; semi-private open floor plan studios - approximately 250 square feet; basic work tables and chairs, basic overhead lighting, electricity, Wi-Fi, heat & A/C.
Costs 1.Artists must provide and transport their own supplies and tools; restrictions apply. 2.Participants will be required to observe mandatory COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.
How to Apply Complete the Online Application Form:
Selection Procedure A jury comprised of former LMCC resident artists will review applications using the following selection criteria: 1.Artistic practice is driven by curiosity: where experimenting, questioning, learning, and understanding are valued in the artist’s creative development; 2. Artistic practice is process-oriented and research-based and would benefit from time and space to reflect and ponder in the retreat-like setting of Governors Island; 3.Clear intentions in residency and artistic goals, and ideas to be explored; 4.Willingness and interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement in a community-oriented setting, of fellow artists and the larger public (when applicable); 5.A creative process that will flourish given space limitations (open plan, semi private, temporary walls).