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Artists-in-Residence Program for 2023 Siao-Long Cultural Park

Artists-in-Residence Program for 2023 Siao-Long Cultural Park
Deadline 2022.09.07
Results Available Date October 2022
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More About Residency Siao-Long Cultural Park
In 1624, the Dutch built Fort Zeelandia in AnPing, Tainan, resulting in Tainan being regarded as the first city to have been established in Taiwan. Thus, 2024 will be the 400th anniversary of Tainan becoming a city, and hence the theme for the coming year’s (2023) residency will be centered on buildings, living space, urban regeneration, industries and the development of the economy, among other subjects. Through visual art practice, the residency aims to examine, represent and re-consider the changes seen in Tainan during the past 400 years. In addition, it will explore people’s moving and migration around the globe owing to political or economic reasons, either through personal choice or because they were forced out, resulting in changes to the culture, the aesthetics, the ideologies and the living environments. The residency will visualize the changes seen in Tainan - and even across Taiwan as a whole - in the past, and will also anticipate the city’s - and the island’s - potential presence in the future.

A. We welcome applicants who are interested in:
1. Interdisciplinary, 2. Visual arts and 3. Performance.

B. All applicants must be able to communicate in either English or Chinese.

C. Applicants have to plan the proposal based on the theme of 2023, and we encourage you to utilize the resources of Tainan Cultural, include tangible or intangible, the outdoor work which could blend with the environment of Siao-Long is most welcome.

For more details, please check:
Duration 1 March 2023 - 30 October 2023 Each applicant can only be accepted for one term. The minimum residence is 45 days, with a maximum of 90 days per applicant.
Fields and Media Other, Performance Art, Visual Art
Funding Living and working expenses in Taiwan (including 18% personal income-tax and insurance) – partly subsidized (NT$ 30,000 per month maximum). Presentation expenses - The maximum allocation is NT$ 100,000 (including tax), which will be paid directly to the relevant contractors.
Provided by Host Placements of up to three months with free accommodation and studio space. Administrative support.
How to Apply Siao-Long Cultural Park only accepts online applications. Please click on the following link: AIR in Tainan (http://air- and fill out the application before the deadline.
Selection Procedure Applicants will be examined by the jury committee and successful candidates will be partly subsidized.
Expected Outcome Before the end of residency, the selected artists should provide one type of presentation, either an exhibition or a performance. Before the end of residency, the selected artists should hold (at least) one session of children-friendly workshop or one-day artist open studio. Approaching the end of the residency, the selected artists are required to complete a report and questionnaire. The report should include details of the residents’ experience, the progress of their projects and any relevant feedback.