Photo Credit: Ze Wei

Open Call at AIR InSILo for the round 2022/2023

Open Call at AIR InSILo for the round 2022/2023
Deadline 2022.06.20
Results Available Date 2022/07/15
AIR InSILo is an artist-run independent initiative, located near the city of Vienna in the town of Hollabrunn (Lower Austria). It offers the hosted artists independent separate rooms for stay and work with media projects or conceptual art projects; it is equipped with wood and metal workshops; inside and outside spaces for an undisturbed creative process.

The AIR InSILo call for the round 2022/23 aims to meditate on the present state of technology. The task of the residence – which is a space, an entity, a future community that urges us to be aware of issues of consumption, energy, climate, and equality in a non-capitalist way – is to provide a proper environment that can maximally render the potential of the invited artists.

For more information, please check:
Duration 1-6 Weeks One can choose only a single time slot. The dates are fixed and cannot be discussed
Fields and Media Movie and Pop Music, Performance Art, Visual Art
Funding Honorarium from 500 to 975 Euros; Production costs up to 525 Euros; Per Diem 30 Euros/ day for the short-term residency; Transport costs from 75 to 150 Euros.
Provided by Host Free stay in AIR InSILo; Travel costs from 100 Euros up to 600; Opportunity to come with partners or/and children; Usage of the facilities provided by the AIR InSILo, an opportunity to make purchases up to 3000 Euros; Featuring in the InSILo Magazine; PR support by the digital means of AIR InSILo.
Costs The working language of the Residency is English. Additionally, it is possible to communicate in German and Russian. A solidarity fee (7 Euros) should be paid before filling in the form. About the solidarity Fee: This fee is eligible ONLY for long-term and mid-term residencies and for those who live in an Industrial country (according to UN Development Program Report).
How to Apply One can choose only a single time slot. The dates are fixed and cannot be discussed. A submission proposal should be put in one PDF file (10 MB). It should contain: A proposal letter with a conceptual direction and envision of a proposed open call topic. It should be submitted in two versions: short – up to 1000 characters and long – up to 4000 characters; BIO – up to 1,000 characters; Portrait – b/w, vertical, 1500 px on a longer side. CV – 2 pages maximum; Portfolio of realised projects – up to 10 pages; A presentation of the main proposal with illustrations, drafts, sketches, links, etc. For images: artist name, artwork title, year, medium, dimensions, additional description. For video/audio: URL links for video and time-based work. Vimeo is better for video. Soundcloud is preferred for audio + password, artist name, artwork title, year, duration, and additional description.