Sa Sa Art Projects

  • Date established:2010
  • Country:Asia - Cambodia
  • Type of Organization:Independent Association / Foundation
  • Disciplines and Media:Visual Art,All types
  • Contact information:
    • Name of residency:Pisaot Experimental Arts Residency Program
    • Address:#26, 28 E2, The White Building, Sothearos Blvd., Phnom Penh, Cambodia
    • E-mail:info@sasaart.info
    • Website:
    • Phone:
      +855 12 539 035
    • Fax:N.A
General Information

Sa Sa Art Projects is Phnom Penh's only not-for-profit artist-run space dedicated for experimental art practices. It was founded in 2010 by the Cambodian arts collective Stiev Selapak and is located in a historic and vibrant apartment complex known as the White Building.
Sa Sa Art Projects aims to facilitate artistic knowledge production and sharing through experimentations and collaborations. Sa Sa Art Projects engages with Cambodian and visiting artists, creative individuals and groups, students, and the White Building’s residents to realise art projects and events that are accessible and enjoyable by everyday Cambodians.
Sa Sa Art Projects does these by focusing on four main areas of programming: experimental art residencies with Cambodian and visiting artists, art and media workshops with artists and the White Building's young residents, collaborative projects, and archiving.
Sa Sa Art Projects is not a non-government organisation (NGO); rather, we are an experimental mechanism. We believe that by not being bound to a rigid organisational structure, Sa Sa Art Projects is able to evolve organically to adapt to the changing context and needs of the community with which we work.

About Residency

Pisaot is a residency program for Cambodian artists, as well as selected international guests, to undertake six to eight weeks living and working in the Sa Sa Art Projects space, in the White Building, in central Phnom Penh. We focus on regional dialogue, hence our priority is working with artists from Asia, with additional engagement with those from elsewhere.
During each residency, artists will be encouraged to experiment in their practice. Pisaot will not ask artists to make work for an exhibition. In fact, the program will give selected artists freedom to do anything they want. Artists-in-residence will be encouraged to try new ways to use different media; any and all ideas are possible.
Sa Sa Art Projects promotes a two-way knowledge sharing. While artists-in-residence research on their personal projects, we courage them to also share to the community at the White Building or Phnom Penh. Artists-in-residence are expected to make public engagement during the residency, which may be an artist’s talk, workshop, skill-sharing session, open studio, or any other form decided by agreement between the Artist and Sa Sa Art Projects.

Residency programs
  • Duration of residencies:
    6 - 8 weeks
  • Number of artists resident at one timeGrants available:
    1 - 2
  • Grants available:
    Per diem of 40,000 Riel ($US10) per day, materials fee up to 600,000 Riel ($US150).
  • Expenses paid by artist:
    -Travel expenses

  • Application:
    (1) Open call, all year round. (2) By invitation.
  • Selection procedure:
    By Sa Sa Art Projects co-founders
  • Expectation from the artists:
    The artist should view the residency as a full time immersion in the process of exploring new ideas and approaches. The artist is encouraged to take risks, and is reminded that it is not necessary to produce any “finished” work for exhibition.
  • Presentation of artists' work:
    Artist Talk, Open Studio, Presentation
Description of residency
  • Setting:
  • Working Language:
  • Resources:
    Sa Sa Art Projects will do its best to arrange for meeting with local artists, curators, and art practitioners.
  • Number of studios:
  • Facilities:
    Internet, studio hall
  • Size of studios / Type of Sudios:
    N.A / Private Studio
  • Accommodation:
    Private Room
  • Companions allowed:
    Upon actual circumstance
How to reach
  • Nearest international airport:
    Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH)
  • Nearest local airport:
  • Nearest train station:
    Royal Railway Station (Phnom Penh)
  • By Car: